Case Studies 01

Carrier-Wave Radiometry

Diffusion Wave Technologies currently holds two PTR patents in North America – two more (USA and PCT) pending – for its state-of-the-art photo-carrier radiometry (PCR) technology. PCR is the underlying fundamental technology behind our semiconductor metrology products.

The superiority of our patented, non-contact, non-destructive PCR technology is based on simpler signal generation and detection principle and a higher sensitivity of infrared (blackbody) emissions to free carrier plasma densities than existing solutions in the market.

n-type semiconductor energy-band diagram showing excitation and recombination processes. Energy emission processes include non radiative intra band and inter band decay accompanied by phonon emission, as well as direct band-to-band recombination radiative emissions of energy and band-to-defect/impurity-state recombination IR emissions of energy.