Diffusion-Wave Diagnostic Technologies is a spin-off company from the Center for Advanced Diffusion-Wave and Photoacoustic Technologies (CADIPT) of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department in the University of Toronto.

Diffusion-Wave Diagnostic Technologies is a company which has been developing a family of advanced metrology instruments and systems based on laser photo-thermal diagnostic techniques, such laser infrared radiometry (PTR) and (photo)pyroelectric devices for the semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturing, metal processing, biomedical sensors and imaging applications.

Central to the technologies of Diffusion-Wave Diagnostic Technologies is the incorporation of novel, proprietary, highly efficient, waveforms into its instruments for improvement of signal-to-noise ratios and for signal baseline suppression with concomitant improvement of contrast.

What We Do:

Diffusion-Wave Diagnostic Technologies licenses, manufactures and sells advanced metrology imaging system for the global semiconductor industry, non destructive testing imaging systems for automotive  metal processing industry as well as non contact and non destructive sensors and imaging systems for biomedical applications.

Our patented and patent pending technologies are based on non-contact, non-intrusive laser photo-carrier radiometry (PCR) and Photo-thermal radiometry (PTR).  Primary target market is non-destructive testing systems for automotive  metal processing industry as well as semiconductor process control such as monitoring and inspecting ion implantation, ultra-shallow junctions, diffusion, surface electronic integrity inspection, and transport properties determination (carrier lifetime, diffusion coefficient, front surface recombination velocity…).


The superiority of our patented and patent pending, non-contact, non-destructive PTR and PCR technology is based on simpler signal generation and detection principle and a higher sensitivity of infrared (blackbody) emissions to free carrier plasma densities than existing solutions in the market. These characteristics result in better signal-to-noise ratios, higher resolution, faster speed, and better control of the effects of process contamination and/or damage. Our technology offers the ability to perform continuous in-situ monitoring of substrate or patterned wafers during any process step. Diffusion-Wave Diagnostic Technology is a natural fit for multifunction applications.